8 things the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button can do more than you think!





Say goodbye to the stereotypical image of the original Action Button, because the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button can do more than just turn the sound on and off; this article will introduce you 8 things the Action Button can do!

8 things the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button can do; just one press will simplify your life!

  1. Turn on the camera

Those that love taking selfies or videos cannot miss out on this! Just one click and you can turn on the camera to take a selfie, film a video or vlog to your heart’s content.

  1. Flashlight

One press for instant brightness as the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button can turn the flashlight on and off more easily. Whether you need light at night, or to create memories at a concert, this can all be made easier.

  1. Voice Memo

More convenient and faster access to meet the needs of those that need to record audio for work or studies. Just set the Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro to record audio, and you can start and stop Voice Memos more easily.

  1. Magnifying Glass

For people with poor eyesight or elderly relatives with vision problems, the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro can help you read or expand to find things more easily. Just press the Action Button and you can enlarge letters to increase its size or immediately search for things more clearly.

  1. Translate

For travelers, or anyone who frequently needs to use language to communicate will love this because the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro can be set to instantly launch language translation applications to quickly translate speech from one language to another.

  1. Focus Mode

For times when you need to focus, the Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro can be easily set to turn focus mode on or off. Make it easier for you to focus in moments that you want.

  1. Accessibility Aid

To save time from having to make various commands in the settings, simply press the Action Button to quickly perform accessibility features such as reducing white exposure, inverting classic colors, activate AssistiveTouch or reduce screen movement. 

  1. Shortcut Commands

In addition to the basic commands that the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro already has, you can also customize this button for other functions. Simply use the Shortcuts application and create a new shortcut for scan to pay, opening FaceTime, taking screenshots, opening frequently used applications such as Facebook, X, Instagram or LINE, similar to writing code to run a command.

And here are the new special features on the iPhone 15 Pro that will make your life easier, faster, and more convenient. But for anyone that is still used to the old Action Button to turn sound on and off, this can be done by pressing and holding onto the button; a complete solution on the iPhone 15 Pro with multi-purpose functions to help make your life easier. You can own the iPhone 15 Pro today by purchasing at Studio7 both online and in stores at every branch.